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Feb 6, 2010

Derek Ramsay and the Century Superbods Run

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual ran the Timex 2009. Then Dingdong Dantes participated on the Yes Pinoy Book Run 2010. Now it's Derek Ramsay's turn to make the upcoming Century Tuna Superbods Run this February 21 a much more exciting event. A healthy body requires a healthy lifestyle and to see such gorgeous men participate on running events only serves to promote that notion.

Hardcore runners might not pay attention to such event endorsers but casual runners and non-runners will. It helps the running boom sustain it's momentum and perhaps shine even brighter. I now see TV commercials promoting these events. And TV news and showbiz programs also cover and report about the "star-strucked" running community. Piolo did extremely well on his 10-kilometer race. He just smashed the sub-50 minute 10-kilometer race time! Dingdong also did pretty well on his 28-minute 5-kilometer Book Run.

So how will Derek Ramsay perform on the road? More importantly, how will runners and non-runners respond to Derek Ramsay promoting the Century Superbods Run?

The sexiest.. the year's biggest.. the most star-studded celebration of health and fitness.. this running event is expected to gather the country’s hottest celebrities. WOW! And this one is really explosive.. All race finishers get a chance to become the next image models of Century Tuna and win P100,000.

Not so fast. What about freebies? Will the majority of the participants who will not be fortunate enough to be the next Century Tuna model get some freebies at the finish line?

Yes! There will be freebies they say as they launched this sexiest, biggest and hottest race event of the year. 

The event, which was launched recently at the National Sports Grill in Greenbelt, will gather the country’s hottest celebrities and running enthusiasts to participate in exhilarating race events as well as to enjoy exciting activities, raffle treats, freebies and a lot of other surprises.

As a brand dedicated to health and wellness, Century Tuna is not only committed to delighting customers with high-quality, delicious and healthy products, but also through events and activities that encourage and inspire people to start an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Century Canning Corporation general manager Gold Tantoco.

With the Superbods Run, Century Tuna aims to give health buffs an exciting way to get fit and healthy this 2010. To know more about the event, visit www.centurysuperbodsrun.ph.

And for all those runners who love to run for a good cause, the event also aims to raise funds for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Come February 21, 2010, let us continue to celebrate an active and a healthy lifestyle. I will be looking forward to my first race of the year. And my first attempt to break the sub-20 minute 5-kilometer race. And a handful of Century Tuna products at the finish line. ;)

Registration Details

@ The Superbods Launch

Century Canning Corp.’s Leo Po, RunRio project manager Kaye Lopez, Derek Ramsay, and Superbods 2009 winners Theresa Fenger and Van Victor Leaño

Reema Chanco and Leo Po

Century Canning Corp.’s Angela Gamboa and Gold Tantoco with Gatorade’s Ton Gatchalian

Superbods 2009 winners Theresa Fenger and Van Victor Leaño

Derek Ramsay

  (From left) WWF’s Mayj Tolentino, Chrisse Olayres and Joanne Ignacio with Derek Ramsay

 RunRio project manager Kaye Lopez and PC&V’s Aylnn Tenorio

(From left) Century Canning Corp. R&D Division’s Mon Macaisa; senior product manager Macky Macapagal; R&D Division’s Mary Jane Terbio; Century Corned Tuna endorser Derek Ramsay; and Century Canning Corp. executives Angela Gamboa, Gold Tantoco and Leo Po


  1. You’ll get great benefits on running. It’s really good for the health.

    I really admire your determination and perseverance. Keep it up!

    Good Luck :D

  2. WOW. Even my friend knows this Century Tuna Run. hehe. He'll join, I think, Good luck sa inyo! :D

  3. Hi hon, tess.

    Thanks a lot for the support and for dropping by. Takbo na den kayo! :D