TULOY PO KAYO sa aking munting kastilyo.... WELCOME TO KASTILYONG LAPIS ....

Nov 8, 2009

Pictures Tell the Story: PIM, My First Marathon

From Silang, Cavite

Cyrine and Nerissa

On a bus to Makati, City (Mama, Papa, Cyrine, Nerissa and Me)

Carbo-Loading Dinner

Jolli-Spaghetti, 2 cups of rice and a glass of pineapple juice

  Want some?

Cyrine and Papa

To Condo and Get Some Marathon Sleep
Papa and Mama on their way to Condo

Waiting for the Condo Elevator

Dressing Up for the Marathon

My beloved Mizuno Wave Ronin 2

Foot wrapped. All systems OK.

On a Taxi to Quirino Grandstand

The Starting Line

Waiting for the gun start at eactly 4:30 AM

 Bib #1028, Where are you looking at?

 With Bib #1028.. This is it Jayson. Your marathon dream..

 While the sun still sleeps.. Off we go!

While I was Away and Running the Marathon

The other runners at the break of dawn, waiting for their gun start.

And more runners still..

Cyrine and Mama while they wait for me at the Finish Line

 Former President Fidel Ramos with the runners

 More FVR..

 And more FVR..

 And more still..

 Now FVR climbs the stage with his wife, Mrs. Ming Ramos, to give some talk to the runners.

 Waiting for their gun start.. Notice the sun has already awaken.

 The ever energetic runners still waiting to start their races.

 And off they go too!

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim

I have Finished My First Marathon, Wuhoooo!!

Reached the Finish Line in 3:55:36 hours. What a difficult run. 

 I cannot Stand Up now. Just dropped down in fatigue. No medals. No loot bags. Just this black bag.

 Sought Help for my heavily injured and aching right knee. Well, the whole body is in pain actually! :D

 Removed the Knee Support and compressed the knee with ICE.

 Celebration!! With Athan, a great support who helped me overcome the longest last 7 kilometers of the marathon. Thank you so much!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it! Pandesal Runner is now a MARATHONER!!!


  1. whooohhoooo!!! congrats jayson :D

  2. congratulations jayson for a sub-4 finish on your first full marathon !!! there are very few people i know who did a sub-4 on their 1st full, its quite an achievement for a runner like us !!!... get a good rest and recover.. also, dont forget to reward yourself for the job well done..

  3. sub-4 first marathon! wow, congrats!

  4. Way to go Jayson! That was a fast time for a first marathon. Congrats.

  5. Congrats sir jayson. pahinga ka muna dis week sa takbo u deserve it.. hahaha

  6. sub-4 in your maiden marathon?!?!!?! HUWAAAAW! ang galing galing! CONGRATS!!!

    btw, what's the foot wrap for? does it work?

  7. galing! :) sub-4 in your 1st marathon! hayop! idol na kita, dude. :) congrats! - bryan

  8. @Ian, Wilson, Sir Bong, Jerome, Bryan: Thanks a lot guys for the appreciation and support. I have learned a lot from this marathon and with the experience, I know I can do a lot better in the future. For now, cheers for a great marathon experience and a sub-4! ;)

    @Sir Junrox: One full week with no runs.. just rest and recovery. I would not be able to finish strong without your support at the last 2 kilometers of the race. Your voice egging me to do a sub-4, that it is still possible and I can do it, inspired me to go for it and push through. Thanks a lot. Congratulations on your own sub-4 finish Sir Junrox. Your fourth sub-4 marathon already!! Galing galing. Now I've got tremendous respect for marathoners. Sobrang hirap eh.

    @Daytripper: Thank you. Two weeks into this marathon I've got injuries and pains on my left foot, left knee and the right knee. The left knee healed properly after the Halloween rest. I bought a Knee Strap for the right knee to help ease the pain (though it still hurt after the 16th km which led me to several walk breaks - not from exhaustion but from extreme pains on my right knee. I almost quit while barely able to walk on the Guadalupe bridge.)

    About the foot wrap. That is my cure to my aching left foot. I run using the FOREFOOT landing and striking. It makes me run a lot faster because of the minimal amount of time for landing / impact and take off. However, I happened to have a HIGH-ARCH. During my long training runs, the bones on top of the foot arch got awefully painful because of all the impacts it absorb. To support the arch, I wrap my feet with my elastic boxing hand-wraps.

    The wrap works for me. Not tight to allow blood flow but not loose so as to provide support and remain in the correct position all throughout the run. I was able to run with my forefoot strike and the foot was perfectly fine after 42.195km of running.

  9. Great run man! Cheers to your triumph!

  10. @Gleeman and Rico: Thanks guys! I truly appreciate your support and appreciation. Let's keep running. More runs, more fun, more stories to tell and more friends to meet. Maraming Salamat!

  11. very touching blog.. it was such a meaningful event. congratz po!!! we are proud of u. hahaha.

  12. @Regz: "congratz po!!! we are proud of u." --What a touching comment. My heart suddenly got bigger.. Sobrang na-touch naman at natuwa ako sa comment mo! May ganon!! Thanks a lot. :)

  13. Congratulations, Marathoner!!!
    Wow, very impressive first full marathon.
    By the way, where did you get the black bag???

  14. Thanks Alfred. Congratulations on your 3:49 hours! Galing!

    I got the black bag around 8:45am near the finish line. A lady was giving it to all finishers. A fellow marathoner joked about the lack of medal and attempted to put the black bag around his neck. Haha. No medals eh!