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Dec 22, 2011

Season 3 Finale

I dubbed season 3 as "The Finals." The hope and expectation were to qualify for the Milo Finals though it was never guaranteed.

Fortunately, a 3:43-hour finish last July marathon was enough for your Pandesal Runner to make it to the Milo Finals. 

My heart is in full gratitude to Our Creator, the Lord Almighty, for all that I am.

Another hero behind this accomplishment is Bryan of Team Alpha1. I was nowhere near running form, still feeling the hurts of a 5:22-hour Milo marathon, when Bryan convinved to join the team and to keep on running. With his encouragement, I slowly got back to running.. I finished another 10Km race, clocked a new half marathon PR at 1:33 hours (Greentennial Run), and then a marathon PR of 3:43 hours at the Milo Eliminations. I will be forever grateful for Bryan and for Team Alpha 1 for reviving my running pursuits.
  • One 10K race.
  • Two 21K races, a PR achieved (1:33 hours).
  • Two 42K races, a PR (3:43 hours) and a Milo Finals appearance achieved.
Few races, yet I feel like they took a lot of years and a lot of hardwork to achieve.
  • I learned how to be a pacer (Rexona half marathon),
  • I learned how to run Yasso 800s (4 to 10 reps),
  • I stretched my Tempo runs to 17Km (from a previous Tempo highs of 10Km),
  • I ran longer Sunday long runs of up to 39Km (from 35Km),
  • I lifted weights for a period of ten straight weeks (and then some more),
  • I did boxing routines with my punching bag for several rounds each day each week,
  • I learned how to really put a lot of heart, time and efforts for the love of this sport.

And I met new running friends,
a running team,
attended running blogger's launches,
promoted running events through this blog,
and much much more.

I also got married this year after finally qualifying for the Milo Finals.
Later, maybe I can ask Neriz if that was part of the reason why she finally said "Yes" to my marriage proposals. 

We are expecting a fantastic gift from the Almighty next year..
Little Pandesal Runner will be due next July 2, 2012!!!

All in all.. I am just very grateful for such a blessed Season 3.
The ending was not what I dreamt of, I crashed on the Finals after reaching the 38th kilometer.
But on the positive light of it, I might have needed that to start a spark from within my fighting heart. I will need to fight much harder next time, maybe a bit smarter too.

As I formally bid my farewell to 2011 and my Season 3 adventures..
Again, I am just very grateful for this year..
And I thank you all for sticking with me through the good and the bad.
Thank you and I will definitely be back again next year!

Happy holidays!
Have a great new year to you all.

Dec 14, 2011

Go Natural Run 2012

Start the year 2012 right with Runrio’s Go Natural on January 15, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City. Run for the education about Diabetes at an early age.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to ABS CBN’s Ako ang Simula.

Join Go Natural 2012 and run for a diabetes free future.

Live healthy, Go Natural.


3K – PHP 350
5K – PHP 550
10K – PHP 650
21K – PHp 800

  • Includes Bib with Timing Tag and Singlet 
  • 21K has a Finisher’s Shirt
  • First 1,000 early bird registrants get a special Go Natural Baller ID. Special surprises await those who wear the Baller ID during the run.
  • Register 4 + 1 race kit for free for any category (in-store only)
  • Donate P150 on top of the registration fee in support of early child diabetes education gets a freebie T-Shirt. (pickup race day) 

Choose from 4 different singlet colors:

  • November 28, 2011 to January 8, 2012 (12:00 nn – 8:00 pm)
  • Toby’s - Shangri-La Mall and SM MOA
  • Planet Sports – Trinoma and Glorietta 3
  • Riovana – Bonifacio High Street
  • Athlete’s Foot – Robinson’s Galleria and Alabang Town Center

Nattural Quality Corporation (NQC) is sponsoring the first important and biggest run of the new year, GO NATURAL 2012, on January 15, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City.
NQC decided to sponsor this event because the incidence of diabetes in the Philippines has increased at a metabolic rate. NQC is spearheading a campaign for the early education of children regarding this disease.
Type 2 diabetes is a disease borne out of lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise results in obesity, the leading cause of Type 2 diabetes. Children and their parents need to know that by laying the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and regular checks, the disease can be prevented.
For some adults, it is already too late. Those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes are at a much higher risk for damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels. Because of these serious risk factors, doctors advise them to constantly screen for damage, take maintenance drugs to control their blood sugar level. Studies show that consuming ampalaya can aid in lowering the blood sugar levels and thereby also lowering treatment costs for people with Type 2 diabetes.And, any help in managing Type 2 diabetes is a plus!
NQC’s Ampalaya Plus and Delite Herbal Tea are both made with a combination of Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd), Banaba (Queen’s Flower), and LuyangDilaw (Turmeric).
Ampalaya Plus is an all-natural food supplement that helps maintain blood sugar levels.
Ampalaya Plus and Delite Herbal Tea are two of five all-natural supplements in the NQC product line. The others are Slenda for weight loss management, Enduranz for restoration of male vitality and Renalin that promotes kidney wellness.
Proceeds from the event will be donated to ABS CBN’s Ako ang Simula who will help mount the campaign for the early education and awareness of diabetes.
GO NATURAL 2012 is organized by veteran marathon director Coach Rio dela Cruz under his RunRio group and Brand Action, Inc. Registration fees are 3k - P 350, 5k - P 550, 10k - P650 and 21k - P800. 21K finishers get a finisher’s shirt to mark their achievement.
Interested parties may register at Toby's (Shangri-la Mall and SM Mall of Asia), Planet Sports (Trinoma and Glorietta), Riovana (BGC) and Athlete's Foot (Robinsons Galleria and Alabang Town Center). For group registrations of 5 people, they can avail of the 4+1 promo where the 5th runner is free. First 1,000 early bird registrants get a special Go Natural Baller ID. Special surprises await those who wear the Baller ID during the run. Promo ends on December 16, 2011. For online registration and more details, log on to www.RunRio.com.
NQC would like to invite everyone to support the campaign for early education of children about diabetes by joining Go Natural Run 2012 or by donating a minimum amount to sponsor a runner. Participating runners who would also like to donate an additional P150 over their registration fees receive an advocacy shirt. Donations are accepted online through www.gonatural.com.ph.
GO NATURAL 2012 is also sponsored by Resorts World. Special thanks to media partners The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, 94.7 Mellow, ABS-CBN and Ako ang Simula.

Dec 13, 2011

My First Milo Finals

Woke up by 2:25am and took a quick trip to the bathroom for a shower. Took my red Alpha1 singlet from the cabinet which already had the 42229 bib attached to it. I am not sleepy any more which is a good sign. I wore my orange Mizuno Ronin shoes and headed to Ministop @ Dela Rosa Makati for a quick breakfast.

I ate a small Sotanghon Supreme and a slice of banana bread. And then walked to Buendia Avenue to take a bus to SM Mall of Asia. The Milo marathon finals starts at 4:00AM. I would only ride the bus up to Roxas Boulevard, from there I would jog my way to the Mall of Asia starting line.. about a kilometer of warm up run..

Eugene, Wallen and I met at the starting coral by 3:30 AM. We were all warming up, greeting running friends and wishing good lucks to each other. 454 qualifiers from all around the Philippines and the world (Kenya and Ethiopia included) were supposed to run this Milo Finals. I am just proud to be a part of it. Winning P300,000 and a trophy would be a huge bonus! Hahaha!!!

My race plan was to cover the first 10Km in 4:45 pace, recover for a kilometer, then shoot for another 4:45 pace on the next 10kilometers. That was the strategy for the first 21kilometers of the race.

True to form, I reached the halfway mark in 1:42:05 hours, an average of 4:51 pace. Including the recovery kilometer, I am right on my target pace at that point of the race. A sub 3:30-hour dream finish is starting to unfold into reality.

sexy ng shorts e - sabi ni Misis

I was very happy. This is almost exactly how I pictured myself at the halfway point. Compared to the previous Milo marathon run last July, I was inside a tent eating chocolates, drinking water with salt and taking a capsule of Advil tablet.. I was so tired at this same point the last time. For this marathon, no rain was in sight and the weather was all cool and fine. My legs were still fresh and my mood was fantastic.

Maybe I can smash my 3:43 marathon PR and go for a sub 3:30!

Training Flashback

I ran Tempo-Combos during Thursdays prior to the Milo Finals.

I started with 8K-5K Tempos. I was preparing myself for a consistent marathon pace strategy. My goal was to run the last 5K at the same or slightly faster pace than I ran the first 8K.

This training is aimed to train my mind and body to follow the planned pace all throughout the training run. After two attempts at the 8K-5K combo, I ran 8K-7K combos and then peaked at 10K-7K combos just two weeks before the Milo marathon finals.

Mission accomplished for 21K of the Finals!

Unfortunately, I thought the training would also prepare me for the second half of the race. I counted on my long slow runs during Sunday for my much needed marathon endurance. I ran 31Ks, 35Ks and peaked at 39K also two Sundays before the Finals.

Collapsing Little by Little Until I Finally Crashed

From 0K to 21K, - 1:42:05 hours (4:51 pace for 21K)
21K to 32K - 1:02:09 hours (5:35 pace for the next 11K)
32K to Finish - 1:32:25 hours (9:15 pace for the last 10K)

The very same problem that I tried to solve for this Milo Finals bugged me!

I am still unable to carry my speed on the second half of the marathon. I felt it right after I cross the 21st kilometer! Oh-oh! 

Eugene and Wallen overtook me as I tried to relax and perhaps recharge my body batteries.

I knew I was not going to finish strong when I was having trouble climbing up the Kalayaan flyover from Makati towards Taguig. The first three flyover climbs were easy. This one is taking a lot from my legs. Eugene and Wallen were pulling away out of my sight.

I got my second wind inside Taguig City. At the 28th kilometer turn around, I was rejuvenated. Although I only looked at my Timer at the 21st Km, I felt like I'm going to really break my PR by leaps and bounds based on how I feel at that same point as compared to the Eliminations last July.

This PR thoughts came crashing down on my way back to the long Kalayaan flyover. I am losing the power on my legs, I was feeling the heat and the fatigue.

Worse, the fighting spirit I had on the Milo Eliminations was nowhere near competitive level on this Finals. I started to succumb to exhaustion after about 30 kilometers!

From that point on, I was only trying to finish.. Looking back, that was the big difference between the Eliminations and the Finals.. that competitive and fighting spirit to finish strong despite all odds!

Trying to Finish by Running

When I reached 32K and timed at 2:44 hours, I was very very tired. 10K left, if I could just run at 6:00 pace, I would still finish within 3:45 hours -- the qualifying marathon time for the 18-34 years old bracket.

I maintained the 6:00 minutes per kilometer pace from 32K to 37K.

From 37K to 38K, I collapsed mentally. I have given up the fight and surrendered to exhaustion. I wasn't pushing my body anymore.. I was mentally beaten down. Most likely, it was from the frustration of living up to my planned strategy. I was suppose to be better prepared. I was suppose to be still strong at 5:00 pace right at that point. What happened?

That was all I'm thinking. What went wrong? I lost focus on the task at hand. When you've reached your limits and approached your wall, you are suppose to keep running.. to keep fighting. I kept on thinking why I failed.. And as the Good Bible says.. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7)

I decided to take a walk and rest when I reached Vicente Sotto road at the 38th kilometer.

And then when I started to run again.. I couldn't. The left toe is hurting. The body found a way to connect to what the mind is thinking. Every time I tried to push with my left toe for take off, the joint connecting my left foot to my left toe sends pain to my brain. Coupled with my beaten mind and spirit.. I found myself helplessly walking my way to the finish line.

4 kilometers remaining and I totally crashed!

People started to pass me by. Runners who have already finished their runs and were walking out of SM Mall of Asia were cheering me on with encouragement and sarcasm.. 

"Konti na lang, sir!" 

"Kaya mo yan!" 

"Sumali ka e, pangatawanan mo yan"

As I limped my way through the cheers, jeers and non-attention of people.. I tried my best to honor the marathon tradition. I trained hard for this marathon, at least give my full efforts to finish the race. At my worst of conditions, I gave it my best shot.

Even if my best at that point is slower than 10:00 minutes per kilometer!

When I reached the last few hundred meters of the race, I was greeted by claps and cheers of finishers and bystanders watching from the sides of the fenced finish line. Tears were almost falling from my eyes as I gazed at the clock reading 4:14:59 hours and still ticking..

That may not be my fastest marathon ever..

But that was the loudest cheer and the most number of claps I can recall of my three-year marathon campaign. What an eventful race indeed!

Chad, Noel, Bryan, Jayson, Billy, Eugene and Jessy

Things to Improve On My Next Marathon:

  • Replace the overused Mizuno shoes already. Time for a holiday running shoes shopping!
  • Try cycling shorts instead of briefs to avoid chafing (I got 4 huge reddish lines on my crotches!)
  • Try training methods to improve speed endurance on the second half of the marathon
  • Use liniment to combat tightening of calf muscles or use calf compression sleeves
  • Focus and enjoy the race.. If the strategy is failing.. Just throw it out and have fun!
  • Keep running and learn from previous mistakes. (Marami pang marathon!)

Dec 10, 2011

Final Words before Milo Finals

I am so excited! (and I just can't hide it..)

Every stone has been turned.. Most of the schedule training runs completed.. Only the race need to be endured.. It's the Milo Finals tomorrow and my heart is pumping crazy.

Thanks to every each and one of you for the support through reading my blogs, commenting, texting, emailing, praying.. Thanks guys! I hope I am truly ready for everything tomorrow. Be it the weather, the long distance marathon run, whatever it takes.. I don't know what I'm writing or what I'm thinking.. My head is just filled with running stuff mixed with excitement and everything.

I'll be writing as soon as I can for my first ever Milo Finals report. Good luck to all runners participating at the Milo Finals tomorrow. God bless us all and may we all reap the seeds of our hard training runs.

Enjoy the race.

Good luck team Alpha1!
Good luck to Chad, Eugene and Jualyn.. Finish the marathon strong guys.. (Pull me along in case I manage to keep up..)

Let's have a great short relaxing sleep tonight and see you a few hours just before the break of dawn this Sunday. Kaya natin yan!

Dec 8, 2011

Yasso Intensity Training Runs

While I will never get any closer to Michael Johnson's 400m world record (43.18 seconds!), the feel of sprinting as fast as I can always keep me wondering just how fast can I ever get (77 seconds, just barely under twice of Johnson's best time on the 400 meters).

Breathing my lungs out, I just consoled myself that beating the world record is not my aim after all.. hahaha! It's an intensity training run designed for speed, to increase my lactate threshold, to counter the effects of long slow runs on my marathon pace, and to correct my running form and posture.

In about 3 days time, it's the MILO FINALS!!!

So how's the intensity runs going?

I started with Yasso 800meters, doing 4 repetitions. I will then increase by 1 more repetition every succeeding week till I get to run 10 reps. Yasso800 is a high intensity training run where you get to run as fast as you can for 800meters and then recover (through walking or jogging) by the same amount of time you ran the 800meters. Say you sprinted for 4:00 minutes to cover 800m, then you get to recover for 4:00 minutes before you run the next 800m interval.

It's a fun training run. Put a kid's heart in you and you're all set.. running and chasing till you drop.

I've been running my 800m intervals in 3:20 minutes (4:10 minutes per kilometer pace). In a way, the Tuesday intensity training run prepares me to manage the Thursday Tempo runs at 4:40 - 4:45 pace. I am hoping that I could carry the 4:45 pace to this Sunday's marathon.

The last few marathon attempts, I would dash at 4:10 - 4:20 pace and then gas out after the 21st kilometer mark. Although this strategy helped me qualify for the Finals (3:43 hours), I opted to change strategy and run the Finals in an even pace all throughout. 

With this even-split strategy, I have ran my Intervals a little bit slower from my last marathon training. For the eliminations, I was at 3:00 to 3:16 minutes on the 800s. This time, I slowed down to a much more manageable 3:20 minutes.

The same goes for the Tempo training runs. Last marathon Tempo trainings was at 4:20-4:25 pace, now it's down to 4:40-4:45 pace.

Training is almost over.We have a Carbo Loading Party for the Milo Finals tonight. Get to relax, eat and chat with the fellow finalists before another grueling marathon run. Pray that I get to smash my personal marathon record down from 3:43 hours. More than that, I am running injury-free and pain-free on Sunday (unlike much of my previous marathons thanks to experience, strength training program, knee support during long runs and other precautionary measures) and I am just looking forward to run and have lots of fun.

See you this Sunday folks!

Dec 2, 2011

Marathon Endurance Training Runs

Probably the most important training run for a marathon is the long run. Why? Simply put, marathon is a long long run. You have to be prepared to run long for several hours, typically from 4 or 5 in the morning up to 8, 9 maybe 10am. It could be the slowest pace of any training runs you have in your marathon training schedule, so is it the easiest?

I think not.

It is one of the most difficult runs I have for this coming Milo Finals. And the training run I look forward to run the most in my weekly schedule. My training history shows that the long run is the cause of most of my running injuries. Be it the knees, the foot, even calf cramps. And with the injuries, I learned how to run stronger and to protect myself better. After months and weeks of training for the Milo Finals, I can now say that the long run is one of my favorites. Because in a lot of ways, the long run speaks a lot about what a marathon is all about.

For consecutive Sundays now.. the routine had been almost robotic:
Phone alarms at 4:30am
Wife hugs, tries to prevent me from getting up
Puts the alarm to Snooze
Phone alarms again at 4:40am
Wife hugs tighter
Manages to squeeze out of her arms to look at the window and the weather
Both of us go downstairs for coffee and milk
Stretching my leg muscles while she prepares the coffee
I wear the shoes, the knee support, puts P50 on my shorts
Starts jogging by 5am when everyone else in the house snores

About 3 kilometers from our house to Silang Proper.
Then 2+ kilometers to KM41, Welcome Silang @ Emilio Aguinaldo Hiway
Then 4 kilometers to KM37, Dasmarinas, Cavite

A newbie runner, a former Cavite Institute classmate, resides in Dasma and wanted to run with me for a few kilometers to Silang, Cavite. By 6 am, I would arrive on foot near their house and we would be chatting and jogging together back to Silang, Cavite.

4 Kilometers back to KM41, Welcome Silang
About 2.5 kilometers to Estrella Hospital, Bypass Road

We would stop at a bakeshop for refreshments. He ends his morning run there and then proceeds to the market for his family's breakfast and lunch. As for me, I have ran about 16 kilometers and still needs about 16 more, sometimes even 23 kilometers more.

1.5 kilometers to KM45, Balinsasayaw Restaurant
5 to 9 kilometers along Aguinaldo Hiway (5 for a 31Km run, 9 for 39km)

Last Sunday, I reached Welcome Tagaytay at KM54 for my 39Km long run. It was a feat for me. That was the farthest I've been since I started to run from Silang to Dasma. By reaching that point, I was now able to run the whole Silang portion of the Aguinaldo Hiway from the Dasmarinas boundary to Tagaytay. Wuhoo!

5 to 9 kilometers back to KM45
1 kilometer to Silang Proper
3 kilometers back to our house

It ends where it started, by 9 in the morning I'm back home with my loving wife. Only this time, I'm in exhausted legs and wet running clothes after about 4 hours of running.

The last 4 kilometers of that long run remains to be the hardest part. I'm almost out of energy as the sun burns my skin from all over. Still, I never cease to praise the Lord and congratulate myself for a nice long run powered with endurance and perseverance. It is pretty hard to understand why we runners punish ourselves so much just to be able to endure a marathon. I guess I just can't get that feeling of reaching the marathon finish line out of my system - I will never tire of trying to get that feeling over and over again.

For this marathon, I have finished TWO 31KMs, TWO 35KMs and ONE 39KM. Last time while preparing for the Milo Eliminations, I got ONE 35KM long run as the peak of my preparations. Now 35KM seemed to be the average! Yey! 

See you at the Finals!

Oct 28, 2011

Quick Report On Marathon Race Simulation

Last Thursday night, I got a good indication that a slow start can give me a stronger finish.
The Infinity Loop
After a warm up kilometer run on our 1Km Infinity Loop, I prayed to God for that safe and joyful evening Tempo run. Eight kilometers took more than 37 minutes, but I am quite alright. I did not push too hard. I was out to prove that a negative split can fit my into my personal strategy this upcoming Milo Finals. My kilometer splits were 4:37, 4:37, 4:34, 4:46, 4:43, 4:46, 4:38 and 4:48. The first three kilometers were easy, but when fatigue starts to set in, my pace did not suffer too much. I just breathed deeper and ran a little slower to recover. Good enough, my 7th Tempo-paced kilometer was still strong before I decided to take another breather on the 8th kilometer.

I then bought an ice-cold P20 green Sting drink at 7-11.
Last time, I bought the red one.
I will try the red Sting next week, then maybe get back to drinking Cobra just like Sundays.
This is all part of that grand experiment to try what's best for me in a marathon run.
Much like this negative split strategy.

Back to the loop, the rest was enough for a 4:28 and a 4:33 back to back. I got tired, but still managed to finish a 4:40 on the third kilometer. I ran strong for a 4:23, proving once and for all that conserving my energy on the first 8Km of this Tempo training worked, before I finished the 5th kilometer in 4:39.

When I got the data recorded on my Running Training Log, I was all smiles to averaged a 4:42 pace on the first 8Km and then a strong 4:33 pace on the next 5Km. Next Thursday, it's time to run an 8K-7K Tempo Combo. Till next time folks.

Oct 25, 2011

Marathon Race Simulations

Divide and Conquer - this is a very familiar and very sensible strategy for victory. How do you conquer a full marathon? Dividing the marathon distance in half makes it easier to achieve. Run the first half and focus on finishing it. Then face the second half.

Running the first half (Time1) faster than the second half (Time2) comes naturally. You start with fresh legs and the adrenaline rushes in your veins. Then come second half, you already feel tired and your lungs suddenly tells your brain to slow down and try to recover. If you subtract the faster Time1 from the slower Time2, you get a positive difference (Note: 1minute is faster and smaller in number than 2 minutes right? 2 - 1 = +1). That is why in running, they call this difference a POSITIVE SPLIT.

I do this a lot. I start out at my best and just try to finish the race as strong as I possibly can. I think that to finish fast, I need to run my best. And I cannot do that under fatigue. So to compensate, my often strategy is to start fast and finish strong. It worked on my 5Km races (19-minute PR) up to my Half Marathon races (1:33-hour PR).

On marathons, this strategy has left me wanting for more. The fast start leads me to a desperate finish.
Image from esthervilledailynews.com

The alternative strategy is the opposite of the POSITIVE SPLIT.

NEGATIVE SPLIT happens when your Time1 is slower than your Time2. When you subtract Time1 from Time2, you get a negative difference since Time2 is smaller (Note: 2minutes is slower than 1 minute right? 1 - 2 = -1). To accomplish this strategy, you run the first half conserving your energy and then run the second half faster and stronger.

I used to think of this strategy as truly opposite to my personality. I am not that patient to conserve energy on a race. On Long runs and Easy runs, I can do this split. Not on a race when I feel like I want to smash my personal bests. Not when I challenge myself to stay with fast runners as long as I possibly could.

Then again, my marathon results are lacking. They are not up to my projected finish times based on my marathon training.

This article seemed to convince me to revisit my stubborn marathon strategy: Don't Blow Up! How to Pace Yourself in a Race

Marathon Race Simulations

For the Milo Finals, I dream of improving my 3:43-hour qualifying time to about 3:25 hours. To do that, I must pace myself below 5:00 minutes per kilometer for the entire marathon distance. I can do that for 21 kilometers. BUT I struggle to do that for 42 kilometers.

During my last Tempo Run, I ran 8Km straight at about 4:35 pace, rested and rehydrated, then ran 5Km straight at about 4:50 pace. The faster pace really tired my lungs and legs causing me to slow down for the last 5Km even though I felt I have rested long enough.

I think it's time to really change strategies and try to start a bit slower at 4:45pace and then finish it at about 4:40 to 4:45 pace (an EVEN SPLIT if Time1 = Time2). I can relax more by not starting out too fast.

Image from esthervilledailynews.com
And I will not be crashing to the finish line on a desperate attempt to meet the qualifying time despite the fatigue and zero energy.

Would it be more satisfying to be trying to finish a marathon with capable strong legs? I think so now.

With about 7 more training weeks, I will be simulating this NEGATIVE or EVEN SPLIT on my Tempo Training runs. I have finished the 8K-5K Tempo last Thursday, 8K-5K again this Thursday.. Then 8K-7K on the next two Thursdays followed by a 10K-7K Tempo runs leading to the Milo marathon.

[ 8K-5K Tempo: Warm up run, then run 8K close to target marathon pace, drink to rehydrate, run 5K again at Tempo pace, Cool down jog ]

Oct 5, 2011

Adobo Run After Dark 2011

Are you ready for one wild and wacky night run? Why not Run Adobo After Dark 2011?

I attended the event launch last Friday night and I was truly impressed by the mood and the presentation of the event details. It stands out in terms of the 
(1) TIME, as it will be a night run starting at 8:00 PM on a Saturday night (OCT. 29)
(2) PLACE, as it would be at Aseana City, Paranaque where there will be zero car visibility on the road race for all race categories 
(3) CREATIVE COSTUME, as P10,000 will be given away to the runner in best costume (Yes, wearing the Adobo singlet is not a MUST) 
(4) ROAD AMBIANCE, as there will be zip and salsa dancers, live band, performers on slits and samba percussionists as we runners try to focus and do our own thing on the road
(5) RACE START, as the fire breathers, dancers and colorful confetti will signal the start of the race as opposed to the usual gun starts. 
(6) POST RACE PARTY, as live band music and performers awaits the runners with free flowing beers courtesy of Manila Beer 
(7) PROCEEDS of the events will go to My Shelter Foundation - Isang Litrong Liwanag campaign.

Come in your own creative costume and win P10, 000
Or Come and Run using the Official Adobo Singlet

Loot Bag Awaits all Finishers
And Medals for the Top 500 Finishers of the 5K and 15K Categories


  • 3 Minutes before scheduled start of the event, lights will be out and the place will be fully filled with darkness except for the neon bracelets by runners.
  • At kick off time, stage lights open simultaneous with the performers of Samba percussionists to provide Mardi Gras beat. 

  • To signal the start of each race category:

  • Visual spectacles along the race course: (Music and Dancers)

  • Fireworks Show at the Finish Line

  • After Race Party with free-flowing Manila Beer


OCTOBER 29, 2011
7:00 PM, ASEANA Ave., ASEANA City, Paranaque

Click On Image to Enlarge

    8:00 PM – 3K Costume Run (P750)
    8:20 PM – 5K (P750)
    9:00 PM – 15K (P750)

Click 3K Image to Enlarge
Click 5K Image to Enlarge
Click 15K Image to Enlarge
To register online for the adobo Run After Dark 2011, log on to www.adoborun.runningmate.ph

In-store  and  manual  registration fires off on October 3 to 23
  • R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street
  •  Toby’s EDSA Shangri-La  Mall
  •  Runnr  Trinoma.  
 Race  Registration  includes
  • race  singlet
  • Runningmate  timing  chip
  • bib  number
  • finisher’s certificate
  • loot bag
  • party stub and 
  • finisher’s medal (for top 500 5k and 15k runners)
For  more  details  visit  www.adobomagazine.com/adoborun,  email
adoborun@yahoo.com or text/call 0905-3861076.

Sep 27, 2011

Building Up Mileage - Milo Finals Training Schedule

After my July marathon, I rested and remained on my bed on Sunday mornings.

From 211 kilometers of mileage last July, I logged a measly 35 kilometers for the whole of August. I loved the rest though and I absolutely took comfort from my bed rather than those long tiring run on the road especially during Sundays.

Until now.

I now need to slowly build up my mileage once again as the Milo Finals is slowly but surely approaching. From 8-10 kilometers a week, I am now pushing for 42-50 kilometers per week of running. Time to rise and shine early once again. To do some road pounding in a quest to conquer yet another marathon.

We build. We build. One more time. Up we go again, bye bye bed, hello highway.

For me, the marathon is pretty much like building a house. Before you can go rest at night on a comfortable room and eat your meals at the kitchen, you need to lay down a very strong and solid foundation first. And that's my weekly and monthly mileage. I can't go and run a successful marathon without diligently piling up kilometers and kilometers of mileage. That is how we build endurance. That is how we condition our legs and lungs for the long marathon grind.

And one critical thing about the foundation, we must be careful to lay it slowly and gradually. Start building the mileage base with manageable Easy and Long runs before we pile up the longer Long runs, the high intensity Yasso runs and the Tempo runs.

This is still the same principle from the Eliminations, only a slight modification to run longer Tempo runs for speed endurance and longer Long runs to be able to finish the marathon stronger. Just incorporating my Alpha 1 teammate's advice to maintain my speed and focus more on endurance training. Thanks Eugene for those cues!

And if the foundation is solid enough, then we can sleep a good night rest and eat our sumptuous meals later.

We build. We build. One more time. Up we go again, bye bye bed, hello highway.

My Milo Marathon Finals Training Schedule

Week # Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

8K Easy

8K Easy
5K Tempo

10K Easy

10K Easy
7K Tempo

10K Easy
7K Tempo

12K Easy
9K Tempo

21K Long
12K Easy
9K Tempo

25K Long
15K Easy
12K Tempo

29K Long
15K Easy
(only 8Km)

12K Tempo

15K Easy

13K Easy

29K Long
Yassox4 5K Easy 15K Tempo

31K Long
Yassox5 5K Easy 15K Tempo

33K Long
Yassox6 6K Easy 17K Tempo

35K Long
Yassox7 6K Easy 17K Tempo

31K Long
Yassox8 7K Easy 19K Tempo

35K Long
Yassox9 7K Easy 19K Tempo

39K Long
Yassox10 5K Easy 15K Tempo

25K Long
10K Easy
10K Tempo


Sep 13, 2011

Fun Park Time Trials

In the next few weeks, I will attempt to break the 40-minute 10Km barrier.

Image from www.popstarplus.com

I haven't done that yet much like Coyote failing to catch Road Runner each and every time.

On Tempo, my fastest had been 41:08 minutes.
On a race, it was 43:49 minutes.

Focus and concentration play key roles for me to run a fast 10K.

During races, I get tons of pressure form my own self. The need to perform. The urge for a fast start.

During Tempos, I get to relax more. I tend to start slower and then build my speed as the Tempo progresses. There is no pressure to break official PRs. Just that playful attitude to try and clock some fast times.

Also playing a crucial role on faster Tempo times is knowing my pace for each kilometer. I run a 1K loop 10 times. Each loop, I will push the Lap button and gauge my lap performance. Need I run faster on the next? Need I slow down? There is that element of feedback that I get for each lap.

During races, I get lucky if I see kilometer markers every 2 kilometers. I do not have that constant feedback to restrain myself from over speeding or to push myself to catch up with my goal pace.

Why not buy a GPS running watch then, you ask. Well, I don't have the budget for it. And another thing, I don't see our Filipino elite runners wearing those expensive watches either. It is a good thing to have, but it is not a must have. (Hehe. I kinda like to support my own set of preferences and rationale.)

So I will be training on my 1Km lap more. And will be trying to let my mind and body adapt to that pace. Let the pace be embedded on my system naturally. And then with sufficient training and repetitions, hopefully I can carry it on a future 10K race. (without breaking my precious piggy bank in the process!)

I will be running these Time Trials every Thursday night.

Table Last Edited September 23, 10:00AM

3 3:35

First attempt = 3:38


4:16 pace

4:19 pace

3:59, 4:12, 4:28, 4:31, 4:20


My Park Time Trials

Sep 7, 2011

Lucky Me! - Our Prenuptial Photos

Photos taken in Tagaytay Picnic Grove on September 2011

The girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Taking life's journey hand in hand together

Will you marry me?

Oh Yes! It's a Yes!

What lies ahead for us?

Stay in my arms from sunrise.. to sunset.

Let us dance this dance of life together now.

All eyes fixed on you


Sinong unang lalapit pag may tampuhan?

Ikaw o Ako? Hmmm..

Hehe.. Oo ikaw! :p

3rd kiss ko na 'to!

Isa pa kayang kiss?

Nerissa: Isa pang kiss?

Jayson: Hmmm.. Cge na.

Uyy.. papakiss na yan.


Practicing the 'carry'

Yehey! See you at the wedding guys..