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Apr 27, 2011

5-Week Half Marathon Training

My Half Marathon Training Schedule

Week # Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Yasso x 4 Easy 17k Long 21k
2 Yasso x 5 Easy 17k Long 23k
3 Yasso x 6 Tempo 12k Long 25k
4 Yasso x 7 Tempo 12k Long 23k
5 Easy 10k Tempo 8k Race 21k

Yasso 800s 

You can predict your marathon time based on how long it takes you to run 800 meters!!!
  1. 800meter Intervals. Recovery is same time as the 800m was completed (about 400m of jogging to recover).
  2. Discovered by Bert Yasso (Read more about the Yasso Training Run)
  3. A very good high-intensity interval training run
  4. I want to do my Yasso 800s in about 3:00 - 3:20 minutes for a 3:20 hour Milo Marathon.
Easy 17ks 
  1. Using the first two training weeks to increase my aerobic endurance. Getting used to running long distance.
  2. Easy pace at 5:30 - 6:00 mpk.
Long Runs
  1. Running the 21k and more to get used to the half marathon distance.
  2. To also get the feeling of running 2+ hours on long distance runs.
  3. Slow pace of 6:00 mpk. Focus is on endurance.
Tempo Runs
  1. Practice running close to race pace. Get used to running fast continuously.
  2. Improves lactate tolerance threshold.
  3. Pace of 4:10 - 4:30 mpk.
Race Day
  1. My first half marathon of the year.
  2. First goal is to finish.
  3. Second goal is to finish under 1:40 hours.
  4. Remember that this is another preparation to qualify for the Milo Marathon Finals.

Training Weeks and Phases
  1. Phase 1. Week #1 and 2. Primary goals are to get used to long distance running (+/- 21km) and to get used to the Yasso 800s interval training run.
  2. Phase 2. Week #3 and 4. Start to run at Tempo Pace. After getting used to running long, start to get used on running fast. This is also the phase where we run the longest distance (25km) and the most number of Yasso 800s (x7). We should be ready to run the half marathon after this intense training phase.
  3. Phase 3. Week #5. Cut down on the mileage and taper. Run easy. Shorter tempo only to remember the goal pace. And then rest, prepare, eat and carbo-load, then race! Good luck and God bless.

Apr 18, 2011

My 2011 Run with the Masters

I aimed for a 42:59, I ended with a 45:40. But instead of asking what went wrong, I am too happy to tell you what went right.

To start with, from plotting the 10K race route on Google Maps, the distance was a bit longer. It is about 10.42Km. As fellow runners know, the extra 400 meters is no good news for a PR. That's about an extra 2 to 3 minutes of running! ArmBanded, a fellow Alpha 1 runner who also ran the 10K, has a Garmin which measured the distance at 10.40Km.

Second, even though I faded at the last 4Km (or 4+Km for the extra distance), I clocked myself at pretty good times from the start up to the 6th kilometer.

  • Started with a 3:45.34 first kilometer. I love running from KM 0 at Rizal Park going to KM 1 to KM 2 and so on along Roxas Boulevard. There are yellow posts on the highways that tell us the distance. They are not as huge as what we would normally want from our kilometer markers, but they suffice. Kind of reminds me of the same kilometer posts I use as markers on Aguinaldo Highway as I run to Tagaytay City in Cavite. 
  • My next 4-kilometer splits were 4:08, 4:22, 4:22 and 4:21. I finished the first 5 kilometers in 21:04 minutes, an average pace of 4:13 mpk. It was very close to my planned pace to break my 43:49 personal best. 
  • Too happy to reach the U-Turn slot and going back to KM 0, I ran my 6th kilometer in 3:54 minutes. That's 6Km in 24:59 minutes (4:10 mpk). You must know what's on my mind at that point.. PR! PR! PR!

Then the Buendia flyover. A flyover is never a good sign when you are going for a PR and is already tired. It definitely tires the legs faster than I imagined. From a very happy and hopeful thought of a PR, my legs began to really feel the heavy work. A 4:34 pace on my next two kilometers suddenly dimmed my bright view of a new PR.

What happened? I took a break from my fast pace to breathe. I ran a bit slower to rest and prepare for a strong finish. But the strong finish never came. I felt tired and I just faded. I also miscalculated the distance, I thought I only had 1 last kilometer left at that point. Then saw the kilometer post KM 2. Two more? By relaxing and taking a break, my mind seemed to have hallucinated.

And now instead of finishing strong, I again tried to manage my pace and energy. I took my last cup of drinking water along the race route on the 8th kilometer. It took me 4:46 minutes to reach KM 1. One last kilometer before Km 0! I tried to run strong, but I only managed to register 4:19 minutes before I reached KM 0.

  • Then I had to run to Quirino Grandstand for the finish. I already ran exactly 10 kilometers and my timer reads 43:12 minutes. That beats my 43:49 10Km PR.

KM Marker Time Elapsed Average Pace Notes
13:45 mins3:45 mpkStill can't fight the urge to start too fast.
416:424:10Now running on target pace.
624:594:10PR! PR!
834:064:16Pacing for a final push
1043:124:20PR if its Finish Line.
2:28 minutes to Finish Line

But it is not official since I had not reached the finish line and I still have about ~400 meters more to run. (Please correct me if I'm mistaken about the extra distance.).

  • I finished the race in 45:40 minutes. On this same 10Km route, my previous route record is 56:16 minutes ran in Milo 2009. I have improved my time by 10+ minutes on the same race route in 2 years time.  

I will be running the same Roxas Boulevard on Milo Marathon Eliminations 2011 and this race is a good training run to remember the long and never-ending straights of this infamous running route. 

  • As compared to Globe 10Km Race last March 2011, I improved my 10Km race time from 45:52 to 45:40. Only 12 seconds of improvement, but I shall take it with a smile. It is still a positive step for my continuing improvements.
  • I have not seen the official race results yet as of April 18. I believe I finished 9th or 10th on the 10K race. I will have to confirm this and update my blog post later on.
  • Officially, I finished 13th among 412 finishers with an official time of 45:42 minutes. See official 10K race results.
  • Nice seeiing Bryan, Kathy, Eugene, Daves and Rolly again. Also nice meeting Marvin the Martian, ArmBanded and all the other Alpha 1 runners. (Pahingi naman ng pictures for this post. Hehehe.)
With Team Alpha1

With Billy (ArmBanded) and Eugene (Eugenator)

Apr 8, 2011

Gunning for a 10Km Personal Record

April 17, 10Km Race (Run with the Masters)
3-Week Training (Week 13-15)
  1. 4Km Tempo Runs on 4:30 mpk or faster pace on 12K Thursday Runs 
  2. 400x6 Interval Runs @1:05 per 400m on Tuesdays
  3. 19-21Km Sunday long runs (5:24 - 6:00 mpk pace)
  4. Added 5Km Saturday easy runs 
  5. Goal: Beat 43:49 minutes!!!
I always want a better run after a good one. I think that's human nature to really not get too satisfied. We always want to get the better item, the better deals, the better techniques and training available and ultimately be better and feel better.

Competition wise, that's perfectly alright as long as we consider our limitations (which is not to allude that there's no limitations to what human beings cannot do). We always want to be better. I do want to run faster and tire much slower.

Still, I am bound by my limitations and I know that my 45:52 is not too terrible a start. I just need more time to train and more fats to burn. I do not think I need a drastic solution just to get better. Perseverance, patience and motivation plays the more critical aspects of my improvements on my next race.

After 12 weeks, I came close to my last year's 43:49-minute 10-kilometer personal best. Maybe I can smash it to pieces on the second try. Changes will not be drastic. I cannot force my pace less I invite injury. There are just minor adjustments that will be made. Hopefully, I will trim down both excess fats and a few minutes off my next 10 kilometer race.

3-Week Training Schedule

My 3-Week 10Km-Race Training Schedule
mpk - minutes per kilometer
400x6 - 400-meter intervals in 6 repetition

First, longer Tempo runs and a little bit slower. I have been running 3:44 - 4:17 mpk on my last few weeks prior to Globe 10K race. The problem is, I only run it for a single kilometer loop and then followed up with a recovery run (ala intervals). There is only one time that I trained at a fast pace for three straight kilometers (4:00, 4:10, 4:17). I will now try to consistently run four straight kilometers on fast pace as my Tempo training.

For my target time, a 4:20-4:30 mpk on Tempo training runs is required. That's more manageable I think.

This is crucial. Last Globe 10Km race, I was tired after about 4 kilometers. Insufficient training at fast pace, or speed endurance, bogged me down. I need to train my body to adapt to that fatigue and make myself comfortable at running fast for the entire 10 kilometers. Not just on the first 3 or 4 kilometers! I have to experience being comfortably tired.

Second, running intervals. High intensity training at about 90-100% heart beat rate and maximum oxygen uptake. I believe this type of training improves my lung capacity (the faster and longer I can run at anaerobic state) and helps increase my ability to tolerate and sustain my target race speed / pace.

Sprints and intervals does help raise my VO2 Max level or my oxygen tank. It also forces me to correct my running form. The form which I try to use for the rest of my runs regardless of speed. The target training pace for my interval runs is 3:45-4:03 mpk.

Third, for more conditioning and aerobic endurance, I will run 19-21 kilometers of Sunday long runs. It will also boost my confidence to run my upcoming half (May) and full (July) marathons. The target training pace for my long runs is 5:24 - 6:06 mpk.

Training Updates

 Week 1: 
  1. March 29: Completed 10 kilometers Easy in 53:37 minutes (5:22 mpk). My recovery run after the Globe 10Km race.
  2. March 31: Completed 12 kilometers Tempo training. 3Km in 12:08 minutes (4:03 mpk), 3Km recovery, then 2Km in 8:49 minutes (4:25 mpk).
  3. April 2: Ran 5Km easy on Saturday early morning at Velazquez Park.
  4. April 3: Finished 19Km long run in 1:58:36 hours (6:15 mpk). Ran from Silang towards Tagaytay City.

Week 2: 
  1. April 5: Completed 10 kilometers Interval Training. Ran 400m intervals with 200m recoveries in between. Target for 400m is 1:05 minutes. Completed the 400mx6 in 1:16, 1:17, 1:19, 1:21, 1:19, 1:16 minutes (3:10 - 3:23 mpk). 
  2. April 7: Finished 12 kilometers Tempo training. 4Km in 16:42 minutes (4:11 mpk), 2Km recovery, then 3Km in 12:53 (4:18 mpk).
  3. April 9: Ran 5Km easy on Saturday early morning at Velazquez Park.
  4. April 10: Finished 21Km long run in 2:05:33 hours (5:59 mpk). Ran from Silang towards Tagaytay City.

Week 3: 
  1. April 12: Completed 10 kilometers Interval Training. Completed the 400mx6 in 1:14, 1:12, 1:15, 1:10, 1:16, 1:22 minutes (2:58 - 3:28 mpk).
  2. April 14: Ran Tempo. 2k Warm up. 5k Tempo pace completed in 20:20 minutes (4:04 mpk) Per Km Lap Times: 3:58.0, 4:04.6, 4:05.3, 4:04.7, 4:07.9 minutes. Then finished with 3k cool down.
  3. April 16: Ran 5Km Easy.
  4. April 17: Race Day. Close to perfect on the first 6km -> 24:59 (4:10 mpk) but then faded on the last 4km. Finished the race in 45:40 minutes (4:34 mpk). I tired too fast after 6Km, Roxas Boulevard tricked me again. Hehe. I really thought I was about to break my PR, then the straight road to the Finish Line went farther and farther as I tire on the last few kilometers.
Bless the Lord Almighty for the joy, friendship, fun, speed and strength during the race.

Next up, the half marathon.