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Aug 27, 2009

My 42Km Marathon Plan Needs Your Help

Hey Guys..

I'm crazy enough to do a full 42km marathon.
I need a lot of push from everyone else and at the same time, share this experience to you all. I need buddies to support and check on me NOT to quit on this 42 kilometer run.

Why will I join the Marathon?
  1. I believe I can. And not doing it if one could is a waste of talent and opportunity.
  2. For fitness. I've had excessive fats on my belly for over 7 years now. I want to get back to my old healthy high-school basketball-varsity body. Running this Marathon would help me shed 10 pounds. And that would be a giant leap to my fitness and health level.
  3. For the thrill and love of running. Boy I love to run! And for the love of running, I will do this.
  4. I want to lead the way and encourage some of my family members and friends that achieving a healthy body and living a healthy lifestyle need not be expensive. You just got to have the will, patience, discipline and perseverance to reach your goals if you really want them bad enough.
Am I serious?
Dead serious. I want it so bad.

When and where is the marathon?
November 8, 2009 in Manila. It's the Philippine International Marathon.

What are my exact and definite goals?
  1. Finish the marathon. I need not finish it in a target time but with practice and determination, I hope to finish it under 3:45:00.
  2. Lose 10 pounds after the training and the marathon race. I would be around 140-lbs after November 8.
  3. Blog about the preparations, training, the support, and the marathon experience. Lead the way for my family and friends to live a healthy lifestyle.

How would I prepare for this marathon?
  1. First, do a half marathon (21Km) on September 20. I have prepared a 21-day training plan for this race.
  2. Gauge from the results of this Half Marathon if I could do a Full Marathon.
  3. Prepare a 42-day training plan for the full marathon (42Km) on November 8.
Let's see how my 21-day Half Marathon Training Plan looks like.
I am already on my 11th week of training after three 10K runs and a 10Mile run last Sunday. So I have a 10-week training base and a 200++ kilometers of running mileage before this marathon training. My marathon training kicks off this Sunday, August 30. The Half Marathon will be on September 20.

Here is my 21-day Half Marathon Training Plan.

Rota Run '09 21 Km Race Route

Half Marathon Race Results

I had a successful Half Marathon Debut at 1:24:14 hours. Here is my complete account of my first half marathon race. And here is my review of my performance and the Ways to Improve After the 21K Rota Run.

Full Marathon Training

After 14 weeks of running and racing, and a half marathon race now in the bag, I now train for the full marathon. See my Marathon Training Schedule here. On this same link, I will be providing my training updates - the training runs, the hardships, the struggles, the drama, whatever it takes to cross the marathon finish line.

I have also prepared my marathon strategy. Click on the link to read the details of my 21-10-8 marathon run strategy. For the last three weeks prior to the marathon, I will be training to keep up with that plan. Hopefully, I will be able to follow and execute. If I do, then it should be a very successful marathon debut.

Call For Your Much Needed Support

I will run for you on this upcoming ILOG PASIG MARATHON..
Together, let us help Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig and promote physical fitness.

Natulungan na naten ang ating Inang Kalikasan, nakikita pa natin yung biyaya ng magandang kalusugan.

Please do support me on my upcoming November Marathon.
Tatakbo ako para sa iyo, sa nature at sa pagpapahalaga sa ating kalusugan.

NO to health problems especially heart-related and the like.
YES to a healthy lifestyle and a fit body.

Any comments, word of support, advice, financial pledge or morale support will be much appreciated. Maraming maraming salamat.

There you have it guys.. I need a lot of support for this marathon. I know I could not do it alone. Please pray for my safety and a wonderful marathon experience. Please let me know of your opinions regarding my plan and my training schedule. Thanks a lot.

With a grateful heart for all your support,

Marathon Race Results

I had a successful Marathon Debut. Thanks a lot for all your support. Until next time. ;)
  1. Photos of my first ever marathon run.
  2. Tale of my first marathon.
  3. Continued: Tale of my first marathon.


  1. First Day of Marathon Training:

    Good morning.

    Started pretty strong today at exactly 5am. Must have been due to the excitement for a marathon run.

    After the first half of the Pandesal Run.. stopped by to my girl's house. Breakfast with her parents. 4 of us sharing the pandesal, butter and coffee. Thank you hon for being very accommodating.

    Very hard to come back home after a stop. I have eaten. My legs has just taken a rest, so it's hard to shake them up again and run.

    Still, I ran faster than my previous runs on the Pandesal Trail. :)

    My casio reads 1:28:45.64 (about 9 minutes faster than the previous 1:37:xx).

    Finished post-run stretching. Core Drills na lang later. Waaah.. 15 minutes 0f core training is even harder than a 1-hour run. :(

    Serious. 200 different ab crunches. Superman. Bridges. Planks. But have to do it still..

    Ge guys..

  2. Week #12, Interval Training

    Good day!

    I joined my colleagues in a fun run at Velazquez Park, Makati.
    It is my interval run schedule so I did the following around the 400-meter perimeter of the park.

    1. Pre workout stretch.
    2. Did 10 warm up laps on the inner half inside the Park. I approximate it to be 1.5 km.
    3. Ran around outside the park for my intervals. 1 Loop fast pace. Next Loop easy pace to recover. Repeated 10 times. Total = 8km. My fastest 400m lap was 1:18, slowest fast pace run was 1:28.
    4. Ran another 4 laps outside the park for a cool down. Another 1.5km.
    5. Post run stretch.

    Total minutes: 71+
    Total mileage: 11km

    Mas masarap tumakbo dun sa Park kesa sa rooftop. Mas maraming tumtakbo. Mas maganda yung paligid, maraming puno. Masaya yung venue kasi park sya. I'd like to do my future weekday interval and tempo runs dito. :)

  3. Week #12, Tempo Training

    Good day!

    Visited Velazquez Park for my Tempo Run. Here's the link of my 1km route around the Park:

    Yey! So happy today because I covered 7km straight with a pace of 4:41 minutes per kilometer. That's just amazing. Faster and faster each week. The training methods have been working for me.

    1. Did 2 loops as warm up. 2km
    2. Did 7 loops Tempo Run. Finished 7km on 32:25.87 minutes.
    3. Did another 2 loops as cool down.

    My target time of 1:45:00 for the Half Marathon is well within reach. For 21km, if I multiply my 7km time by 3, I get 1:37:15. :)

    My body temperature after 7km just went above my threshold level. Having no hydration belt, I had to stop and buy Gatorade at Mini Stop before I finished with my 2km cooldown.

  4. Week #12, Easy Run

    It was raining heavily last night. I had to skip the easy run and the weight training that was supposed to be at the condo rooftop.

    Instead, I did 6 minutes of jump ropes and 12 minutes of boxing with the punching bag.

    I don't know if I can still log 20km for my long run tomorrow. My Tita Naneng died of heart attack.

    When I was still in college and when my Dad had no money for my daily school allowance, I would knock at her door at 5:30am in the morning to beg for money so I would not have to skip going to school.

    My family will go there tonight.

    Thanks Tita! Rest in peace.

  5. Week #12 Summary

    It is still raining heavily outside and was lacking enough sleep from attending the wake of Tita Naneng. I cannot do the Pandesal Run this morning.

    At 11am, I decided to do a long run inside the house. :D

    My idea was just to run around the house, downstairs and upstairs, to the living room and then to the kitchen. Run relaxed and easy for 2 full hours .

    I finished at 1pm.

    By now, I am right on track to complete the Half Marathon.

    I have trained for speed (intervals), simulated race pace for 7km (tempo) and then let my body system know how it feels to run 2 hours (long run). :)

    The long run also teaches me to be a lot patient. A 2-hour run is a daunting task. I just have to break it into 5-minute parts and focus on the 5 minutes. On race day, I should not focus on running 21km. That's a hard thought. The plan should be run at my pace for the kilometer I am in. Relax, do it just as I have practiced.

    Patience. Endurance. Mental Toughness. It should all come together on race day. Got to train hard.

  6. Week 13 Tempo Runs

    Tuesday, Failed to run my supposedly last speed training workout run. It was raining hard and the road was wet. It would be very risky to train for speed. What did I do? I ran in the rain with my friend for 10km. Haha. We thought it would eventually stop, it poured even harder! But that was lots of fun. We were like kids enjoying every drop of rain in there. Hydration was not a problem as well. Hehehe. It was cold, sweat isn't coming out. Everything got wet including my socks and shoes. After we have paced each other for 10km (he will be running this Sunday at the Eco-Dash race for 10km), I ran alone for another 2 kilometers. Not a bad 12km tempo run. Loved the rain.

    Thursday. A 16km Tempo run. My mind was willing, my body was not. From the get go, I knew I'll have problems finishing the scheduled 16km. I broke it into two sessions. 2km warm up + 6km tempo, hydration break and then 6km tempo + 2km cool down.

    I was almost in a sauna with my No Fear sweater, perhaps it was a bad idea to wear thick and heavy on a 16km run. The lack of sleep caught up with me as well as I have not been sleeping well lately. The first session was relatively easy and then I bought a bottle of cold mineral water from MiniStop.

    The second session after the hydration break was tough. I couldn't get going. Was too hot wearing a sweater, my legs became weak and lazy after the stop, my mind wanted to listen to my body and stop. I won't let it. Time to recite my running mantra "Push, push, push".. "Gotta push, gotta push, gotta push." I willed myself to finish the last 5 kilometers. I was nowhere near my race pace but I'll take it. Some training days, you are not 100%. The important thing is that I trained my mental toughness in there. No matter how hard it feels to run, I just have to run. I whipped myself back into running mode. Hopefully, I'll run better next time.

  7. Last Week of Preparations:

    Monday. Was not able to do a Sunday long run due to lack of sleep and it's still raining. I rested and rescheduled the run on Monday. Nice decision to postpone the run.

    Instead of a long run for endurance training. I decided to tweak the workout and do a Race Simulation for 21Km.

    First 10Km was on Race Pace. I did it in 46:36.22 minutes. Yes, I finally broke the 50-minute barrier. The first 5Km was also a personal best at 23:06 minutes. Fantastic results!

    1Km Walk after rehydration at MiniStop.

    5Km Jog at Easy Pace. 30 minutes.

    Lastly, 5Km Race Pace at 27 minutes.

    Wednesday. Today I run another Tempo for 12Km. The weather has been cooperative this week. No rains. Just my feet against the asphalt road around Velazquez Park. :)

    1Km easy pace to warm up. Then 5Km Race Pace. And I just recorded a new 5Km Best - 22:54.57 minutes. Awesome!

    Rehydration break at MiniStop followed by a 6Km race pace to conclude the workout. This time, instead of a Stop Watch, I set my Casio into Countdown Mode. My idea is to train my body at exactly 5 minutes per kilometer.

    I should finish a 1Km loop in 5 minutes. The Casio will beep. I will push it again to do another 5minute countdown. I did it 6 times for 6Km at exactly 30:00. ;)

  8. Training Recap

    I just finished the last 8Km easy run today. Not a very good run as I struggled to keep my body going. I just ran 12Km tempo yesterday, so it must still be tired. Or it's just reminding me that today's run should be nice and easy. Hehe. Finished 8Km at 49:51.61 minutes.

    Yey! Training is finally over.

    I compiled 121Km of running in about 21 days to prepare for the 21Km run. Physically, I'm ready to go.

    Mentally, I'm confident. There were training days I had to reschedule. There were runs I am not 100%. There were some runs I did not run at all. It sure was not a smooth training as compared to the original schedule. I'll take it. Looking at the schedule, everything was ironed out. Well, almost. I've ran intervals, tempos and long runs. I took it easy when I needed to and took it hard when called for. Fortunately, I did not suffer any sort of injuries except for some muscle pains. I ran the 21Km distance already, the distance is not a problem for me now. I know I can do it as I have trained hard for this one.

    1:45:00 - this is the target finish time. I did run 10Km at 46:36 and 5Km at 22:54, so the 5 minute per kilometer pace should be manageable. I will have to start conservatively but strong enough to stay within the target time.

    How about the fearsome hill climbs? For this training, it was unfortunately missed. Sunday long runs in Cavite should have prepared me for the uphill climbs. I missed two scheduled long runs there. I haven't gone to the gym to strengthen my legs either. This could be a major problem. Thankfully, I know how to handle tough climbs. I've trained for it before and that was just a month ago. I should still be physically and mentally ready for it.

    The 1:45:00 goal is an ambitious one for a debut half marathon, isn't it? Yes, but I have always been competitive and I trained hard for this. It's not some goal I just wished I could do. I trained for it. The workout logs testify for the hard work. The logged times for several tempo runs also suggest it's a very reasonable goal. I'll shoot for it.

    I know several things could happen. I might not be able to accomplish my goals for this race. But that's not my outlook in this race. I just think and believe I can do it. Training is over. I'll get two days of rest. Then put myself to the test. I hope everything comes together on the race.

    What are you going to do on your Friday and Saturday rest days? Friday is working day. Saturday, I will go to Divisoria. Relax and shop for whatever interests me. I'm thinking of buying a basketball shorts and possibly a disposable running socks. Marami ding murang prutas dun, I might buy bananas. Pero mostly, just stroll, rest and let the day pass by. :D

    What will be the strategy for this race? To achieve 1:45:00, I'll start strong and steady at 4:50 min/km for the first 10 kilometers. Easy and conservatively for the next 6Km at 5:00 min/km and then finish strong on the last 5Km at 4:45 min/km. That should be a total of 1:42:00. Considering the hydration stops, starting line bottleneck, uphill climbs, and other sort of delays, I allot 3 minutes for these factors. That should give me a 1:45:00 finish. ;)

    Lastly.. What could have you done better on your 21Km training? I'll leave it at that until after the race. For now, I'm happy with how the training went. It's not as perfect as planned but I made up for most of the problems I did encounter. Let us review the training schedule after this Sunday's performance. :)