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Nov 28, 2009

Ratings Update: Our Fastest Pinoy Runners

After the very busy racing months of October and November, let us now take a closer look at our Fastest Pinoy Ratings. Who's making waves? The real Kings and Queens of the Road?

Added to the Fastest Ratings are these races:
  1. Subic International Marathon (SIM)
  2. Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM)
  3. Adidas King of the Road (KOTR)
  4. Timex
  5. Race for LIFE
  6. Fit N Right Fun Run

"Mervelous" Mervin Guarte retains the Fastest Pinoy title with 500 points. He has been unbeaten in his five (5) road races! Carlito Fantilaga enters at 2nd place Overall Fastest with 400 points. Jujet De Asis, Johnny Espana and Alquin Bolivar completes the Top 5 of the Overall Fastest Pinoy Runners list.

Other Notables:

Marathon Category: Elmer Sabal moves up to 3rd place after placing 4th at the Subic Marathon. Hernanie Sore enters at #9.

Half Marathon Category: Johnny Espana leads the pack after finishing 3rd at Adidas KOTR. Eric Panique moves to 2nd place - 3rd at QCIM. Frank Indapan enters at 3rd place (5th SIM, 2nd Timex). Alley Quisay enters at 4th place (4th Subic, 3rd Timex).

15K Category: Jujet De Asis takes the 3rd place after winning at Race for LIFE. Milbert Nabuab enters the ratings at 6th place.

10K Category: Marlon Bolivar takes the 1st place after winning 2nd place at Adidas KOTR and 2nd place at Race for LIFE. Darwin Lim moves up to Number 2, from Number 9, by finishing 2nd at QCIM. Ben Alejandrino enters at 4th (3rd at QCIM and another 3rd place at Fit N Right). Alquin Bolivar enters at Number 5 (2nd Timex, 5th Fit N Right) and Rene Herrera enters at 7th (QCIM Champion).

5K Category: Mervin Guarte dominates. He has won 5 of his 5 races and remains at the top with 500 points. Christopher Ulboc enters at 2nd place after winning at Timex and Race for LIFE.

3K Category: Carlito Fantilaga takes the number 1 spot by winning at Timex and at Race for LIFE. Michael Bacong enters at 6th place as he bagged the Fit N Right title.

Check the Updated Fastest Pinoy list here.

And Some More Updates

Botak Paa-Bilisan Road Race at The Fort last November 22 has also released its official results. The 5K / 10K and 15K ratings were updated. Christopher Ulboc enters the Top 5 Fastest Pinoy runners and pushed Alquin Bolivar out of the Top 5.

We list 20 Pinoy prospects to chase the Fastest Runner in the world today. Or maybe not (yet).

Sprint Runner Usain Bolt

Check the Updated Fastest Pinoy list here.

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