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Sep 13, 2009

Pandesal Boxer Chronicles

I am Pandesal Runner and this is my boxing chronicles, Pandesal Boxing.

Where It All Started

Boxing Workouts
  • Start the Workout Day with Stretching
  • Warm up using the Jump Ropes - 2 Rounds
  • Wrap your fists, Wear your gloves and Work the Mitts with your Trainer - 2 to 3 Rounds
  • Practice your combination punches with the Punching Bag - 2 Rounds
  • Show and Improve your power against the Wall Bag - 2 Rounds
  • Remove Gloves First. Work your Combinations, Footwork, Timing and Precision-Punching with the Double-Ended Bag - 2 Rounds
  • Speed Training with the Speed Bag - 2 Rounds
  • Another 2 rounds with your Trainer on the Mitts, Wear your gloves
  • Remove gloves and Unwrap your fists. Build and Strengthen your Abdominal Muscles with hundreds of Sit-ups.
  • Post workout massage and stretching with your Trainer

Sparring Tales

Boxing Tips