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Dec 16, 2009

Season 2: The Road To Boston

I am writing my journey to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This could be a book of my failures.. or a success trail. Either way it goes, I will be a winner.

Because either way, I'll have a blueprint of my Season 2. A blueprint that could either be my mini-Bible or my mini-How-Not-To.. This will lay the principles of my young running career. Principles that could either be right or wrong.

So read my blogs with caution.. I speak my beliefs and hopes.. And only my performances could speak of the truth. The journey has begun.. Yet the fun shall never end.

The world shall be my witness.. I am running with my passion and determination. I am running to prove the unlimited guts, heart and determination that thrives in my system.. To unleash my fury and passion within and to endure the trials.. To be the runner that I am capable of becoming..

Most of all.. To enjoy this journey.. And share it with you all.. This is my fearless campaign trail for Boston.

Chapter 1. Building the Foundation
Marathon training is about a gradual build-up, not one sudden long run a few days before a race!

Chapter 2. Road Work
Good thoughts are no better than good dreams, unless they be executed. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
    2.5 Easy Runs: Taking it Real Easy
    2.6 Applied Sprinting Techniques
    2.7 Two-Week Wonders
    2.8 Longer Interval and Tempo Runs
    2.9 The Race: Did We Meet the Target?

Chapter 3: Training for the Milo Marathon
It's the athlete's job to learn to do the hard things easily. - John Jerome, The Sweet Spot in Time

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