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Aug 11, 2011

Season 3: The Finals

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We started running with the Pandesal Runner Adventures. Then we followed it up with Season 2: The Road to Boston. In season 2, my second year of running, I was not able to achieve my goals and only managed to finish the Milo Eliminations in 2010 in 5+ hours.

Now we bring the adventure-type blogging style back with a whole new season -- The Road to the Milo Finals. I aim to rebound from the miseries of season 2 and hopes to come back much stronger this year en route to a ticket to the Milo Finals this December 2011.

So lay back, relax and let me take you again to my running world of miseries, hard works and determination as we continue with the 3rd year of Pandesal Runner Adventures.

CHAPTER 1. Running Again in 2011

CHAPTER 2. Milo Marathon - Manila Elimination Leg

CHAPTER 3. Road to the Milo Finals


  1. wow!!! Asa road pa lng ako going to milo finals, but you already have the key. goodluck bro! i know you can do it.

    Hintayin mo ko dun!

  2. Oo bro! Kita-kita tayo dun sa Finals.
    So let us keep on training hard and motivated.

    I hope makatulong den kahit papano sa kapwa naten runners yung mga training log, methods at failures sa blog na to para sa kani-kanilang running dreams. :)