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Oct 28, 2011

Quick Report On Marathon Race Simulation

Last Thursday night, I got a good indication that a slow start can give me a stronger finish.
The Infinity Loop
After a warm up kilometer run on our 1Km Infinity Loop, I prayed to God for that safe and joyful evening Tempo run. Eight kilometers took more than 37 minutes, but I am quite alright. I did not push too hard. I was out to prove that a negative split can fit my into my personal strategy this upcoming Milo Finals. My kilometer splits were 4:37, 4:37, 4:34, 4:46, 4:43, 4:46, 4:38 and 4:48. The first three kilometers were easy, but when fatigue starts to set in, my pace did not suffer too much. I just breathed deeper and ran a little slower to recover. Good enough, my 7th Tempo-paced kilometer was still strong before I decided to take another breather on the 8th kilometer.

I then bought an ice-cold P20 green Sting drink at 7-11.
Last time, I bought the red one.
I will try the red Sting next week, then maybe get back to drinking Cobra just like Sundays.
This is all part of that grand experiment to try what's best for me in a marathon run.
Much like this negative split strategy.

Back to the loop, the rest was enough for a 4:28 and a 4:33 back to back. I got tired, but still managed to finish a 4:40 on the third kilometer. I ran strong for a 4:23, proving once and for all that conserving my energy on the first 8Km of this Tempo training worked, before I finished the 5th kilometer in 4:39.

When I got the data recorded on my Running Training Log, I was all smiles to averaged a 4:42 pace on the first 8Km and then a strong 4:33 pace on the next 5Km. Next Thursday, it's time to run an 8K-7K Tempo Combo. Till next time folks.

Oct 25, 2011

Marathon Race Simulations

Divide and Conquer - this is a very familiar and very sensible strategy for victory. How do you conquer a full marathon? Dividing the marathon distance in half makes it easier to achieve. Run the first half and focus on finishing it. Then face the second half.

Running the first half (Time1) faster than the second half (Time2) comes naturally. You start with fresh legs and the adrenaline rushes in your veins. Then come second half, you already feel tired and your lungs suddenly tells your brain to slow down and try to recover. If you subtract the faster Time1 from the slower Time2, you get a positive difference (Note: 1minute is faster and smaller in number than 2 minutes right? 2 - 1 = +1). That is why in running, they call this difference a POSITIVE SPLIT.

I do this a lot. I start out at my best and just try to finish the race as strong as I possibly can. I think that to finish fast, I need to run my best. And I cannot do that under fatigue. So to compensate, my often strategy is to start fast and finish strong. It worked on my 5Km races (19-minute PR) up to my Half Marathon races (1:33-hour PR).

On marathons, this strategy has left me wanting for more. The fast start leads me to a desperate finish.
Image from esthervilledailynews.com

The alternative strategy is the opposite of the POSITIVE SPLIT.

NEGATIVE SPLIT happens when your Time1 is slower than your Time2. When you subtract Time1 from Time2, you get a negative difference since Time2 is smaller (Note: 2minutes is slower than 1 minute right? 1 - 2 = -1). To accomplish this strategy, you run the first half conserving your energy and then run the second half faster and stronger.

I used to think of this strategy as truly opposite to my personality. I am not that patient to conserve energy on a race. On Long runs and Easy runs, I can do this split. Not on a race when I feel like I want to smash my personal bests. Not when I challenge myself to stay with fast runners as long as I possibly could.

Then again, my marathon results are lacking. They are not up to my projected finish times based on my marathon training.

This article seemed to convince me to revisit my stubborn marathon strategy: Don't Blow Up! How to Pace Yourself in a Race

Marathon Race Simulations

For the Milo Finals, I dream of improving my 3:43-hour qualifying time to about 3:25 hours. To do that, I must pace myself below 5:00 minutes per kilometer for the entire marathon distance. I can do that for 21 kilometers. BUT I struggle to do that for 42 kilometers.

During my last Tempo Run, I ran 8Km straight at about 4:35 pace, rested and rehydrated, then ran 5Km straight at about 4:50 pace. The faster pace really tired my lungs and legs causing me to slow down for the last 5Km even though I felt I have rested long enough.

I think it's time to really change strategies and try to start a bit slower at 4:45pace and then finish it at about 4:40 to 4:45 pace (an EVEN SPLIT if Time1 = Time2). I can relax more by not starting out too fast.

Image from esthervilledailynews.com
And I will not be crashing to the finish line on a desperate attempt to meet the qualifying time despite the fatigue and zero energy.

Would it be more satisfying to be trying to finish a marathon with capable strong legs? I think so now.

With about 7 more training weeks, I will be simulating this NEGATIVE or EVEN SPLIT on my Tempo Training runs. I have finished the 8K-5K Tempo last Thursday, 8K-5K again this Thursday.. Then 8K-7K on the next two Thursdays followed by a 10K-7K Tempo runs leading to the Milo marathon.

[ 8K-5K Tempo: Warm up run, then run 8K close to target marathon pace, drink to rehydrate, run 5K again at Tempo pace, Cool down jog ]

Oct 5, 2011

Adobo Run After Dark 2011

Are you ready for one wild and wacky night run? Why not Run Adobo After Dark 2011?

I attended the event launch last Friday night and I was truly impressed by the mood and the presentation of the event details. It stands out in terms of the 
(1) TIME, as it will be a night run starting at 8:00 PM on a Saturday night (OCT. 29)
(2) PLACE, as it would be at Aseana City, Paranaque where there will be zero car visibility on the road race for all race categories 
(3) CREATIVE COSTUME, as P10,000 will be given away to the runner in best costume (Yes, wearing the Adobo singlet is not a MUST) 
(4) ROAD AMBIANCE, as there will be zip and salsa dancers, live band, performers on slits and samba percussionists as we runners try to focus and do our own thing on the road
(5) RACE START, as the fire breathers, dancers and colorful confetti will signal the start of the race as opposed to the usual gun starts. 
(6) POST RACE PARTY, as live band music and performers awaits the runners with free flowing beers courtesy of Manila Beer 
(7) PROCEEDS of the events will go to My Shelter Foundation - Isang Litrong Liwanag campaign.

Come in your own creative costume and win P10, 000
Or Come and Run using the Official Adobo Singlet

Loot Bag Awaits all Finishers
And Medals for the Top 500 Finishers of the 5K and 15K Categories


  • 3 Minutes before scheduled start of the event, lights will be out and the place will be fully filled with darkness except for the neon bracelets by runners.
  • At kick off time, stage lights open simultaneous with the performers of Samba percussionists to provide Mardi Gras beat. 

  • To signal the start of each race category:

  • Visual spectacles along the race course: (Music and Dancers)

  • Fireworks Show at the Finish Line

  • After Race Party with free-flowing Manila Beer


OCTOBER 29, 2011
7:00 PM, ASEANA Ave., ASEANA City, Paranaque

Click On Image to Enlarge

    8:00 PM – 3K Costume Run (P750)
    8:20 PM – 5K (P750)
    9:00 PM – 15K (P750)

Click 3K Image to Enlarge
Click 5K Image to Enlarge
Click 15K Image to Enlarge
To register online for the adobo Run After Dark 2011, log on to www.adoborun.runningmate.ph

In-store  and  manual  registration fires off on October 3 to 23
  • R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street
  •  Toby’s EDSA Shangri-La  Mall
  •  Runnr  Trinoma.  
 Race  Registration  includes
  • race  singlet
  • Runningmate  timing  chip
  • bib  number
  • finisher’s certificate
  • loot bag
  • party stub and 
  • finisher’s medal (for top 500 5k and 15k runners)
For  more  details  visit  www.adobomagazine.com/adoborun,  email
adoborun@yahoo.com or text/call 0905-3861076.