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Apr 27, 2011

5-Week Half Marathon Training

My Half Marathon Training Schedule

Week # Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Yasso x 4 Easy 17k Long 21k
2 Yasso x 5 Easy 17k Long 23k
3 Yasso x 6 Tempo 12k Long 25k
4 Yasso x 7 Tempo 12k Long 23k
5 Easy 10k Tempo 8k Race 21k

Yasso 800s 

You can predict your marathon time based on how long it takes you to run 800 meters!!!
  1. 800meter Intervals. Recovery is same time as the 800m was completed (about 400m of jogging to recover).
  2. Discovered by Bert Yasso (Read more about the Yasso Training Run)
  3. A very good high-intensity interval training run
  4. I want to do my Yasso 800s in about 3:00 - 3:20 minutes for a 3:20 hour Milo Marathon.
Easy 17ks 
  1. Using the first two training weeks to increase my aerobic endurance. Getting used to running long distance.
  2. Easy pace at 5:30 - 6:00 mpk.
Long Runs
  1. Running the 21k and more to get used to the half marathon distance.
  2. To also get the feeling of running 2+ hours on long distance runs.
  3. Slow pace of 6:00 mpk. Focus is on endurance.
Tempo Runs
  1. Practice running close to race pace. Get used to running fast continuously.
  2. Improves lactate tolerance threshold.
  3. Pace of 4:10 - 4:30 mpk.
Race Day
  1. My first half marathon of the year.
  2. First goal is to finish.
  3. Second goal is to finish under 1:40 hours.
  4. Remember that this is another preparation to qualify for the Milo Marathon Finals.

Training Weeks and Phases
  1. Phase 1. Week #1 and 2. Primary goals are to get used to long distance running (+/- 21km) and to get used to the Yasso 800s interval training run.
  2. Phase 2. Week #3 and 4. Start to run at Tempo Pace. After getting used to running long, start to get used on running fast. This is also the phase where we run the longest distance (25km) and the most number of Yasso 800s (x7). We should be ready to run the half marathon after this intense training phase.
  3. Phase 3. Week #5. Cut down on the mileage and taper. Run easy. Shorter tempo only to remember the goal pace. And then rest, prepare, eat and carbo-load, then race! Good luck and God bless.


  1. i got to try this. perhaps after my milo-apex clinic. hoping that the program will help me improve my 800 repeats. right now i can only do 3:20-3:40

    good luck and see you on greentennial! :)

  2. I am out to experiment on the Yasso training den. Done the Yassox4 last week and Yassox5 last Tuesday.

    The hardest part is the last 2 800m repeats. Pero so far, kaya pa yung 3:10 minutes. Siguro pag umakyat na ko ng 7 or 8 repetitions, bababa na den yung time ko sa last repeats. Hehehe.

    Good luck and God bless sa Greentennial. See you there!

  3. usap tayo sa greentennial. hingi ako feedback sa iyo 'bout yasso. thanks

  4. OK Daves. I will prepare my Yasso training data and hand it over to you. (God willing, my Greentennial half marathon would give us a glimpse on the effectiveness of this training.)

  5. dabest tlga! my best 800m was 3:09 done on my 10th split. after that, dinala ako sa ospital. joke. but i almost faint. haha.

    See you greentennial bro!

  6. Galing mo Bryan! Nakumpleto mo na 10 splits. Ako nasa 6th pa lang, 7 next Tuesday.

    Looks like a PR half marathon coming up on your Greentennial race. See you!

  7. Very Good post but i have question. What are you doing on the blank area or during Monday, Wenesday and Saturday?