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Nov 26, 2009

Improved Training Methods: Sub-40 on Globe 10K for 2010

My 2009 running season has just ended. I want lots of time to recuperate from the right knee pains. And to spend lots of time with my family, friends and loved ones on this Christmas season. No more runs, training or racing, until next year. And then start the 2010 running season with fresh legs and renewed spirit.

What a year it was. I have ran a marathon which I never imagined I could do at this early stage of my running career.

Taking the knowledge from those experiences, I now take a journey to reach new heights. Pandesal Runner Adventures would be running in full gear next year.

I am still improving on my running form, I still have lots of flaws and skills to learn. My training methods still have deficiencies. The important thing, I think, is knowing those faults, flaws and failures and devise a better and much improved running technique, training and technology.

I will be training for a sub 40-minute 10Km race on March 2010 Globe Run for Home. I started racing last November 28, 2008, my first 10Km race. I finished in 56:00 minutes. My Milo 2009 10Km race was 56:16. My Globe 10Km was 53:42. I then improved my 10Km race to 51:19 and after more months and kilometers of training, I was finally able to beat the sub 50-minute barrier at the recently concluded Fit N Right race, 44:10 minutes.
10Km Race
Finish Time
Race for Life
The Fort
Nov 22, 2008
5:36 min/km
Roxas Blvd.
Jul 05, 2009
5:38 min/km
Globe Run for Home
The Fort to Makati
Jul 19, 2009
5:22 min/km
Hataw Pilipinas
UP Diliman
Aug 09, 2009
5:08 min/km
Fit N Right
Mall of Asia
Nov 22, 2009
4:25 min/km

What worked this year:
  1. Forefoot running
  2. Endurance training (long runs, half marathon, marathon)
  3. Speed Training (10x400m intervals, tempo runs)
The benefits of switching to forefoot running became evident when I have broken my 56 minute 10K races to 53:42 Globe Race and then to 51:19 Hataw Pilipinas race. The endurance training and the speed training took me to another level of speed racing. The hard work on speed training and long runs paid off as I improved my 10Km time to 44 minutes. :)

What could be improved:
  1. Running Form
  2. Improved Training Methods
  3. Proper Training Schedule (Length and Types of Runs)
  4. New and Appropriate Training Equipments
And there's no stopping now. Yehey! There are a lot more areas of improvement and I am just getting started. I am trying to master the Pose Running Method. I will also try to adapt Ryan Hall's two-week training principle. Basically, the principle is to schedule your training in 2 weeks block, progressing to another 2 weeks block and then more progress on the succeeding two-week block. That would be an interesting change from my 1-week training blocks.

My training schedule would also put more emphasis on less racing and more training. I would be improving my speed and endurance. Have race simulation runs to gauge my improvements. And by race time, I should be more relaxed, would be having lots of fun and a lot more confident of what I could do. :)

Enumerated below are some key adjustments that I would have to make to beat the 40-minute 10Km race time by March 2010.

My Wrong Running Form
  1. Arms swing across the body.
  2. Back foot swing isn't as high for natural propulsion.
  3. I tend to stride longer hoping to cover longer distances as much as possible with each step.
Training To Get Faster
  1. Learn how to sprint for 100+ meters. (Beat 15.0 seconds in 100m)
  2. Proper sidewards arm swing. Not across the body. (Partly tested on Fit N Right run)
  3. Pull the back foot higher and closer to my hips. (To do)
  4. Shorter strides so as not to lose speed. Quicker and shorter stride is the key.
  5. Carry the sprinting speed to 400m intervals. (Beat 1:00 minute in 400m)
  6. Carry the intervals speed to Tempo runs. (20-minute 5K)
  7. Carry the Tempo speed to actual races. (40-minute 10K)
My New Running Equipments:
  1. Nike Triax Fury 100 Super Running Watch (My Marathon Gift to myself!)

Spend more time on your pace and less time keeping track of it wearing the Nike Triax Fury 100 Super Watch. Customize the view to see total time, lap time or both with the push of a button. Use Target Time to set goal splits and get notified when you're ahead of pace or behind, for the mile or the entire race.

  • 100-lap chronograph
  • 100m water resistance
  • Convertible display
  • Ventilated strap
  • Data mode
  • Recovery timer
  • Stainless-steel bezel, buckle and back plate
  • Target time
  • Time, date, 2 alarms, 2 time zones
  • S-shape design curves around wrist
MORE DETAILS: @ Nike Store

  1. Dumbbells to strengthen the leg muscles.
  2. Weights to train the ankles for extra strength.
  3. Adidas Boost - my new training shoes to complement my Mizuno Wave Ronin Racing shoes

Adidas Boost:
Get the boost you need to run longer, stronger. The adidas Boost running shoe delivers optimal shock absorption with every touchdown, thus maximizing the energy in each step you take. The end result: a more efficient run over longer distances.
  • Air mesh upper for maximum ventilation; Air mesh tongue for extra breathability
  • Textile lining for comfort
  • EVA insole for comfort
  • Injected EVA midsole for long-term, lightweight cushioning
  • adiWEAR® outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability

Happy holidays.. See you next year.. Keep running.


    1. Wow nice tips. Thanks for sharing. I still have to beat my sub 50 goal for a 10K. Ilang years na to na goal ko a. :D

    2. Nice one JAyson! Wohoo! Ibang level na yan ha. Wait question, could you verify the distance at Fit and Right? My friends tell me it was only 9.2 k on their Garmin. Is that true? I was thinking how could you go wrong at MOA diba hehe.

      Jinoe, bleehh :P

    3. Hi Jinoe. No prob. Thanks. You could do it. Hehe. Good luck. ;)

      Hi Luis. I have no Garmin / GPS device to track the exact distance. I did plot the 5K route on Google Map which measured it @ 4.94Km. Natz, i2runner, had a Garmin and measured it at 4.956km. So it's pretty safe to say, the 2 5K loops were very very close to 10Km as also sanctioned by PATAFA. :) Thanks for dropping by. Good luck sa future races!