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Oct 31, 2009

Celebrate A Race for LIFE

Celebrate Good Times

One week after the race, Race for LIFE released the official results of the 3 / 5 / 10 and 15 kilometer road races. And there were a couple of surprises on those results. Join me on a celebratory run this Tuesday night, Nov 3 on Velazquez Park Matati City. I will celebrate the following great achievements on the recently concluded Race For LIFE. For every great achievement, run a kilometer on easy pace. ;)

So let the celebratory run begin.
  1. Run a kilometer Jayson, for completing your first 5K race after 11 months of road racing.
  2. Run another kilometer for having set a 5K Personal Record (PR) of 21:30 minutes.
  3. Run a kilometer for finishing the race within the Top Ten. A 6th place overall finish out of 1085 runners is a wonderful achievement.
  4. Run another kilometer for being on the front page of the Real Life Foundation Race Results. Never mind the misspelled, as usual, surname! It was Jayson Deyna on Rota Run. Now it's Jayson Duena. My dear poor surname has always been murdered. Hey! At least Botak Race Results did not. They listed me as "Unknown"! :D
  5. Run a kilometer for celebrating Women Power on road racing. I had the chance to shake the hands and congratulate the 17-year old Ms. Serenata Saluan after the race. The top female finisher who overtook me and made me eat the dusts left behind by her running shoes. Lady runners rock!
  6. Run another kilometer to celebrate the young Michelle De Vera, an 11-year old girl, who almost beat me. She gave me the inspiration to finish strong. And she made me smile and have fun. Young runners are really fast and seem to be having a lot more fun and a lot happier than adults. Celebrate youth!
  7. Celebrate a friend's 10K Personal Best. He had beaten his previous PR by more than 10 minutes I believe. Great job Yeba!! He will be running a few kilometers on the Philippine International Marathon to help me finish strong on my first marathon. Thanks! And this Tuesday, I will be running a kilometer to celebrate your successful 10K run. Try sub-60 minutes on 10K next time! Congratulations!
  8. Celebrate the first 5K races of two other friends and colleagues by running a kilometer for them. Good start guys! Keep running.
  9. Run a kilometer to celebrate another friend's tough run with an aching foot. I know how it feels to be running in pain. And it takes a lot of guts and "heart" to still finish with those circumstances. With that, I will also be running a kilometer for your tough achievement. 
  10. Run the last kilometer of this celebratory run just because you have the ability to run. Be grateful. Have fun. Run!

I finished 6th with a 21:30 finish.
Michelle, the young lady in pink, took the 2nd place on Women's 5K

Race Results


  1. hi jayson - congratulations for a strong finish!!! and for the new PR!! this is the kind of results you can (and you will)get if you continue to do what you are doing.... focus and discipline on your training.... keep it up jayson!! hope to see you on the next race..

  2. Great advice from one of my idols in road racing. Thanks Sir Junrox!! I hope to keep the focus and the discipline in training to continue to improve on my race performances. :)

  3. Awesome job Jayson, keep it up man! Let the celebration begin, then we prep for another battle :) Good job!

  4. Congratulations Jayson! Wow you're fast!

  5. @Luis: Thanks man. I'll celebrate a little just before my PIM marathon battle this Sunday. Will you be there? Good luck and keep writing! You're a very good writer. I wish I had some of your writing talent. The Ginger Bread Report rocks! Galing mo magsulat. ;)

    @Running Pinoy: Thanks for the visit. Dhenz right? Met you sa Fit N Right bloggers launch. You look fit and mabilis den yung running times mo sa Race Logs mo. Hope to race with you soon. PIM ka den ba? Good luck on your races Dhenz.

  6. Excellent run and a fast finishing time. Congrats Jason!

  7. Thanks Sir Bong.. Speed training and hard work paid off. :)

  8. As promised, I ran for 10Km last night celebrating the 10 listed Race for LIFE achievements. I had a lot of fun with the help of my running office mates. 8 of us from the Digi Running Team ran at Velazquez Park. Ang dami na namin!! It was a very nice feeling to be the pacer for a group of 3K and 5K runners.

    My legs suffered from cramps from the 3rd kilometer pa lang, pero I pushed on. It was probably the pace wherein I had to stride slower and making harder falls on the foot and more tension on the legs. I also wrapped my foot for extra support and protection which could also be a factor for the leg cramps.

    I have paced 2 runners for 3Km in 20:36 minutes. And then a 5K runner in his 5K personal best of 32:52 minutes. I finished my own 10K run in 1:03:19 hours. Just nice and easy all the way. :)

    I also started a new speed training workout: speed form. For about 75 meters of the 1km loop, I will sprint. The focus is on faster strides, arm swing, foot landing and foot strike. After the marathon on Nov 8th, I will run on the Dare to be Fit N Right Fun Run. I will join the 10K race and hopes to beat my previous 10K PR of 51:19 minutes. ;)